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About Us

About The Last Toy Store

The Last Toy Store is a small, family-owned and operated business. A 'mom and pop' shop, if you will, like in a literal sense, we're parents. We are the Abshire's and it's great to meet you!

We are Lauren and Chris Abshire, a wife and husband, with a deep love of quality, nostalgic collectibles. Throughout our journey as collectors, we have incurred our share of hurdles and disappointments with eCommerce shops.

Hence, The Last Toy Store was born. 

We wanted to provide a store with affordable prices and vibes aligned with the 'mom and pop shop' that we are.

We aim to raise the standard of online niche shopping with exceptional customer service, frequent interactions with not only our customers but the community at large, and a stellar shopping experience.

Our core values as a business stem directly from our own wants as collectors from a shop. For example, you will not wait for your products. When they're in-stock, they ship. When they come in-stock, guess what? They ship! We do not hold back products, we do no allocate, we do not oversell and under order, we do not hide behind corporate 'policies', and we are here for you, our customers, always.

We pride ourselves on our turnaround rate and communication/accessibility. Seriously, hit us up, we love to shoot the shat. 

The Last Toy Store, powered by collectors.

Lauren's Short Blurb

"I love ridiculous kill shots, true crime, the real serials, and liters of diet cola."

Fun fact: I can solve a Rubik's cube.

Unpopular opinion: Get Out was a horrible movie.

Top 3 favorite pieces in my collectionNECA's The Devil's Rejects Bloody Showdown (3 Pack) signed 8 times, NECA's Cult Classics Reagan Spider Walk, and Sideshow's Friday the 13th Part 2 Jason Voorhees sack mask!

Chris' Short Blurb

"I love 80's horror through and through. 90's Hip Hop and cheesesteaks for days."

Fun fact: I can also solve a Rubik's cube and I could do it first (and faster).

Unpopular opinion: Freddy's Dead was a phenomenal film.

Top 3 favorite pieces in my collection: Mondo's 1:6 Scale Creature from the Black Lagoon, Mezco's 1:6 Scale A Clockwork Orange Alex DeLarge, and NECA's Cult Classics Captain Spaulding Murder Ride aka All American.